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Maureen Sykora

Maureen Sykora

Owner, Island Insurance Agency

When I lost my husband to cancer, I wanted a new start and I couldn’t think of a better place than Galveston, TX. My life changed overnight emotionally, financially and physically since my late husband did not have a life insurance policy in place.

I was fortunate to have grown up with a financially solvent father who planned ahead for his family before his passing. My father made sure myself and two sisters were provided for, without that I would have not been able to afford my home that I currently enjoy in Galveston, TX.

As I grow older and reflect on my upbringing, I am so grateful for the two people I thank every day, my father and mother, they shaped my life values. I understand that life insurance is a concept many people struggle to understand, however I make the process seamless.

I operate my business holding true to my core belief; integrity. I focus on the needs of my clients and by ensuring the protection of their families and their homes now and in their future. Once I am your agent I am you agent for life, I am always available to answer your call.