Anna Bruno   Galveston, TX  
"A good man leaves an inheritance to his children's children, and the wealth of the sinner is stored up for the righteous." I knew what I needed to do but Maureen made it such a blessing! She is like family to us."

Bobby and Norma Culpepper  Friendswood TX
"Maureen has been a big help to both of us with life insurance and other insurance matters. We find her to be knowledgeable and honest. We appreciate her support and recommend her highly."

Walter Davis   Brazoria TX
"Maureen has been a big help to me. She got me day one coverage that I didn't have. She truly cares. She is more than an agent, She is a friend."

Eva and Manuel Mendez  Santa Fe TX
"Maureen spent a great deal of time making sense of what we had and putting us in the right track with insurance. She really knows what She is doing and we think She is great."

Mary Garibay   Liberty TX
"Maureen did not sell me life insurance but she spent hours fixing the policy I had. It was in my best interest to stay with them. She helped me change my policy from term to whole life.I now have the coverage I need. She is a real friend."

Ophelia Torres  Texas City  TX
"It is a blessing to work with Maureen. She is a christian who really cares. "The LORD is the portion of my inheritance and my cup; You support my lot."

Bret Schultz, Life Insurance Specialist, Life & Annuity Masters, National BGA
"Maureen Sykora is a genuinely enthusiastic, people-loving insurance professional who is dedicated to providing her clients with the very best solutions available. Her energy doesn’t only inspire her clients but everyone who has the privilege of working with her. Her speed and energy shouldn’t be confused with carelessness or cutting corners; she just has a deep-rooted passion for the insurance business and serving her clients. Maureen is a down to earth, breath of fresh air in an industry that is unfortunately crowded with individuals who are in it for the wrong reasons. It was a pleasure working with Maureen and I hope to have the opportunity to work with her again in the future!"

Mercy Chapa,  Alvin, Texas
"Maureen took the time to listen to me and get to know me. She made me feel special. She encouraged me to keep up with my art because I enjoy it so much. She took care of my insurance and became my friend."

Leslie Thompson    Galveston, Texas
"I have known Maureen for four years. She was beginning her career in insurance at that time. I saw a passion in her then and I see it in her today. She cares about people and she really wants to help them. She is a great agent for life."

Lee Roy Matta    Texas City, Texas
"Maureen has taken care of my insurance needs for many years. I have watched her grow in her career. I am proud of her. She will always be my agent!"

Rhonda R    Texas City
"I almost didn’t let Maureen into my home. I was skeptical to say the least. Maureen had something special about her ways. She is a gentle and caring person. I am glad I let her in! I now have the coverage I need to protect my family."

Rhonda and David Daly    Texas City, Texas
"Maureen has been a blessing to my husband and I. We are not the easiest people to get ahold of. Maureen was patient and knowledgeable. The needs analysis provided us with what we needed to know, it was very helpful. We now have enough coverage!"