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Whole Life Insurance

Act today so you are prepared for tomorrow!

Permanent insurance is often referred to as whole life, which is coverage that will last your entire lifetime, with level unchanging premiums. Whole Life benefits can be used to simply cover the expenses of a funeral, to ensure the remaining family members are not burdened with finances during a time of grieving. Larger Whole Life policies can be used to leave a legacy for future generations as well.

Overtime, whole life policies build cash value that can be used for several purposes, such as increasing the death benefit, or making a withdrawal for a large purchase. If you have accumulated a healthy cash value, you can use these funds in a variety of ways as an asset in your retirement portfolio. Often these funds are guaranteed to grow tax-deferred for many years, which could really beef up your nest egg. 

Universal Life insurance is also an option that is used to set up an additional income stream in retirement, with flexible premiums that allow for overfunding of a policy. Your Life Insurance needs will change over time, will your coverage change with you?

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